What Have You Been Entrusted With?

Sometimes you can almost see the handwriting on the wall.  You know what I mean, when God speaks so clearly to your heart that it’s almost as if you can hear His audible voice, or see His written message on the wall.

Learn how God has entrusted us with the life He gives us.

Early in 2015, as I began my Bible reading plan for the new year and continued reading through several books I was in the middle of, I began having the desire for a “word of the year” that expressed what my hopes and goals would be for the year.  I’ve never had a word of the year, though I had tried to decide on one in previous years.

I prayed about it and spent time thinking of all the words I came across in my reading but no word ever seemed to capture what was in  my heart. Until…..when I wasn’t even thinking about it God gave me my word, and not just one word but 3, and not just words for this year but words for my life.  Isn’t it sweet to see how He has His eye on us and is working out every detail in our lives even when we least expect to see His hand.

The first life word He gave me is the word entrusted.  It’s a verb and it’s dictionary definition is “to put something into someone’s care or protection; to assign the responsibility for doing something.”  Life gets hard, we have difficult circumstances, difficult relationships, heartaches and disappointments.  At the time, I was struggling with some of those hard things in life and was reading Lysa Terkeurst’s book, The Best Yes.

I highly recommend you read this book.  The cover indicates it is encouragement for making wise decisions in prioritizing our schedules, but the book is so much more than that.  It refreshed and convicted me on so many levels of my spiritual life and when I got to Chapter 18…..life change!

What happens when things don’t turn out the way we hoped or expected?

Life is complicated, relationships are hard, disappointments seem to be around every corner.  My thoughts always focused on my weaknesses, failures, regrets, but Chapter 18 changed all that.  What if God allowed those heartaches and disappointments in my life because He knew He was giving me the strength in Him to endure those painful times?

What if He entrusted me with difficult days, hard relationships, and the unexpected dark night of the soul, and then magnified His strength in me and in my weakness. He changed me through His word working in my heart and piercing through my self-focus,  people~pleasing mess that I was so that I could not only endure tough times, but trust Him and praise Him during those times.

And all this for His glory.

A few days after the Chapter 18 life change, our pastor read 1 Peter 4:19 during his Sunday sermon.  “Therefore let those who suffer according to God’s will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.”

There was that word again.  My soul was entrusted to my faithful Creator, and He had entrusted me with some difficult things in life.  Was I going to be faithful to “do good” and live a life that reflected Him to those around me?  Was I going to be faithful in my daily walk with Him? That is my prayer and desire.

I stumble daily, I take my eyes off Christ and put them on my circumstances, I get discouraged and sometimes feel hopeless, but I have a faithful Father who reminds me of who He is and whose I am.  I belong to Him, I am sealed by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13), I am entrusted (1Peter 4:19).

I am entrusted.

What a work in progress I am, still a mess, but stronger in Christ because Christ has revealed Himself to me and is changing me little by little.

What has God entrusted to you, my friend?  What trials or struggles are you in the midst of right now? Are you, or is someone you love, struggling with difficult health issues? Maybe your family is in the middle of a financial crisis. Is there a trying relationship that just seems to never improve or experience a breakthrough?

Right now, if you are in the midst of trying times, look to God, seek His face, and look for ways His hand is moving in your life and equipping you for what you are going through.

God tells us in His word that we are to walk with fellow believers who will encourage us, pray for us, and lead us back to Him and His word when we can’t seem to see the truth clearly.  It’s not always easy to walk closely with others, but so important.

If you don’t have another believer you are closely walking with, begin praying for the Lord to bring someone into your life who you can do this life with.

Sweet friend, remember there is hope in Christ and He is with you.  Nothing in your life comes as a surprise to Him.  Our heavenly Father is sovereign and in control of every detail.  Trust Him, cling to Him.

Come back and visit again soon.  I’ll be sharing how God gave me my other life words and how He continues to minister to me through the knowledge of what these words mean in my life.

Blessings, friend ~

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4 thoughts on “What Have You Been Entrusted With?

  1. I absolutely love this “What if He entrusted me with difficult days, hard relationships, and the unexpected dark night of the soul, and then magnified His strength in me and in my weakness.” How I know this truth deep within my heart. He uses these hard times for His glory – that He might be glorified. Thanks for linking up with Grace and Truth.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Aimee. Yes, it is all for His glory, even if we can’t see that at the moment of our suffering. It’s for His glory, and for our growth and sanctification. Have a blessed day!

  2. Beautiful thoughts and encouragement! I’ve enjoying doing OneWord365 the past two years. God is good to speak and give us direction. (Visiting from #Grace&Truth today.)

    1. You are so right, Karlene. I’m thankful for His guidance and direction in our daily lives. Thank you for stopping by for a visit today. Blessings ~

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